At Shoestring we produce it all: From cinematic corporate videos and commercials, to explainers, nonprofit promos, animation and more. Check out our 2018 reel to see why we are the best choice in NYC for quality and affordability. 


Our Services

  • Story development and messaging support -- Shoestring will help you craft the most effective narrative, visuals and message for your project.

  • Videography/Lighting/Pro Audio -- Get two pro cameras for the price of one. For all of our shoots we offer our clients the option of a stationary (unmanned) second camera angle at no extra charge. We'll shoot Interviews, rally/event footage, concerts, and b-roll shots. Of course, a quality video requires much more than recording an image, which is why we'll also provide lighting and audio solutions to fit your shoot.  

  • Live streaming - Broadcast-quality HD. Extend the reach of your events to participants across the world. Shoestring will set up and manage live-stream broadcasts on YouTube Live, Livestream or U-Stream and simultaneously record the original HD video to our Canon C100 camera.  We'll also help you embed the streaming video player on the website of your choice.

  • Editing -- We'll take care of the whole editing process from cutting raw footage, to adding text, still images, motion graphics and music. We take advantage of the range of tools featured in Adobe's creative suite including Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, Flash, Photoshop, Illustrator and more. 

  • Motion graphics and animation -- To ensure your video has that professional-quality edge, we'll craft motion graphics for use on bumpers and titles that fit the particular theme of your video. We can also create full motion-graphic animations like the one featured above.
  • Uploading -- to save you the trouble, we'll upload the final product to YouTube, Vimeo or your video site of choice.
  • Archiving -- We will track down, assemble, edit and enhance videos relating to your organization's work (inlcuding DVDs and VHS) and archive them on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Search engine optimization -- Once your videos are archived online, I'll optimize them for search engine visibility, so that more people can find your organization.

Studio Space

For basic interview shoots, Shoestring is proud to partner with Regard Studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn to provide a quiet, bright studio space at the specially discounted price of only $50/hr. Some furniture and props included.

PEERSPACE: Affordable Production Locations

 Are you looking for a production venue that offers more than a basic interview space? Check out Peerspace to find a range of beautiful, affordable shooting locations around NYC. Book the space yourself or send us the link and we'll book it for you as part of your package. 

Our Equipment 

Video cameras, lenses and rigs

  • Primary camera: Canon C100 Mark II - Offers beautiful cimematic HD video. Features the popular shallow depth of field, or 'boket' of the DSLR look but with greater videographic flexibility and control.
  • Secondary camera: Canon C100 Mark I
  • Canon EF-mount lenses
  • Fluid head Manfrotto tripods
  • Camera sliders and track dolly system
  • DJ Ronin MX gimbal stabilizer (similar function to a Steadycam)
  • Shoulder stabilizers


  • Zoom H4N recorders - This versatile portable recording device is an industry standard. Offers dual XLR ports for direct connect to soundboards, table mics, and lavaliers.
  • Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphones
  • Audio Technica ATW 1701L System 10 Wireless lavaliere (lapel) microphone systems  
  • Microphone stands
  • Boom pole

Lighting and backdrops

  • Three point Dracast LED light kit -- 3,200-5,600K Variable Color Temperature, 4,400 lux/ 409 fc @ 3.0' and 4400K. Offers cool to warm color temperatures.
  • Two point Impact Tota tungsten light kit for interviews and set lighting -- warm color temperature that can be modified with color gels and diffusers. 
  • Camera-mounted LED lamps
  • Reflectors and lighting modifiers
  • 10 x 12 foot green, white and black screen backdrops