Untie the potential of your budget.

With 80% of all web traffic slated to come from videos by 2018, no website can afford to do without video content. Yet, for most small nonprofits and businesses, professional creative video remains, well, unaffordable. 

But that's where Shoestring comes in. Our mission is to put this vital tool within your budgetary reach. 


Whether for a fundraising appeal, or a critical call to action, videos are a proven method to cut through the noise, grab your supporters’ or clients' attention and move them to action.

Unfortunately, professional video-production services don’t figure in to the shoestring budgets or maxed-out staff schedules of the average non-profit or small business. And while there's always someone out there with a camera who can do your project on the cheap, that doesn't mean they'll offer high-quality results.

Shoestring is here to change all that. We keep our fees below the market average by maintaining low overhead costs and by working closely with clients to tailor the project so as to reduce labor time as far as possible. At the same time, we provide a range of services to match the big production companies. Not only does Shoestring write, shoot, edit and create animated content for our videos entirely in-house; we strive to develop close, hands-on working relationships with our clients and to develop an understanding of their unique needs. What's more, we ensure that our passion is behind our every project by specifically engaging clients whose values for positive social, economic and environmental change align with our own.

So choose us for your next project and find out why Shoestring is the smart choice for beautifully-crafted, clever and affordable videos.


After seeing Shoestring's video on the NYC Ferry system at a fundraising dinner, city officials worked to complete a Citywide Ferry Study, which formed the basis for Mayor de Blasio’s January 2015 announcement of creating a five-borough ferry network beginning in 2017. Shoestring’s video helped the Waterfront Alliance take advantage of an important moment, advancing our advocacy work at the highest levels.

- Jose Soegaard, Director of Policy and Government Relations, Waterfront Alliance

Shoestring Videos has done an incredible job supporting the Clients of the Stony Brook University Clean Energy Business Incubator ProgramTheir efforts have improved our program’s brand, as well as helped improved the chances of future success of our Clients moving towards commercialization. Thanks Shoestring!!

- David Hamilton, Executive Director, Clean Energy Business Incubator Program

Our Services

  • Story development and messaging support -- Shoestring will help you craft the most effective narrative, visuals and message for your project.

  • Videography/Lighting/Pro Audio -- We'll shoot Interviews, rally/event footage, and b-roll shots. Of course, a quality video requires much more than recording an image, which is why we'll also provide lighting and audio solutions to fit your shoot.  

  • Editing -- We'll take care of the whole editing process from cutting raw footage, to adding text, still images and music.

  • Motion graphics and animation -- To ensure your video has that professional-quality edge, we'll craft motion graphics for use on bumpers and titles that fit the particular theme of your video. We can also create full motion-graphic animations like the one featured above.
  • Uploading -- to save you the trouble, we'll upload the final product to YouTube, Vimeo or your video site of choice.
  • Archiving -- We will track down, assemble, edit and enhance videos relating to your organization's work (inlcuding DVDs and VHS) and archive them on YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Search engine optimization -- Once your videos are archived online, I'll optimize them for search engine visibility, so that more people can find your organization.